We cater for all different types of events specialising in outdoor barbeque style, or platters made up of cold meats, cheeses or vegetarian.  For private parties or weddings we ask for your preferences so we can develop a menu together or we can suggest menus for you.

Great Tastes - Gazebo
Great Tastes - Griddles

We are able to come to your home, wedding or party venue, business premises, local community ground, or even a field or wood in the middle of nowhere.  Yes, we have been to all those! We can be totally self-contained without the need for shelter, running water or electricity (we don’t use a generator).

We offer traditional meats (and fish) with fresh salads and offer vegetarian , vegan, and gluten free options.   We have an interesting range of speciality burgers which our customers love.  Adding a dessert allows us to provide a full all-round offering to your guests.

We are totally reliable and will always turn up to your event whatever the weather!

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