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Please note that we can be totally self-contained without the need for electricity (we don’t use a generator), running water or shelter.   We can also provide plates, cutlery and cups for tea and coffee.

Menus can include any of our speciality burgers.   If you need a range we generally suggest choosing up to three types to make it easier and quicker to serve if there are large numbers in your party.

This selection includes the more popular choices, but let us know if there is anything else you would prefer:

We can discuss what you may like as canapes.

Burger choices are:
Beef, lamb and mint, buffalo and venison (farmed), buffalo, venison (wild), and kangaroo.   Can be served on their own or in a fresh bap with a slice of cheese.   Sauces and chutneys also served.

Such as Cumberland, chipolatas – both are very tasty and popular, chipolatas are ideal for younger children.

Meats can include:
Beef steaks, butterflied shoulder of lamb, pork (kebabs, tenderloin), marinated chicken.

Salmon in parcels.

Vegetarian options:
Vegetable kebabs, stuffed mushrooms, haloumi & quinoa burgers, haloumi.

Salads include:
Fresh leaf salad, home made coleslaw, pasta salad, couscous.

Vegan and other dietary requirements:
We can cater for these – let us know your needs

Cafetiere coffees, range of teas, homemade lemonade, and homemade elderflower cordial.   Bottled and canned cold drinks.

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